Wholesale RMA Process


  1. Download our RMA Request Template spreadsheet
  2. Fill the template with the devices you want to discuss and the issues they have
  3. Email the spreadsheet to sales@newaya.com
  4. We'll respond within 1-2 business days and help you resolve the request


Newaya offers a 14-day warranty (from time of receipt) on any device issues that we did not describe clearly. There are no returns on repair stock if you've done any work to a device whatsoever. We guarantee that our device's ESNs will stay clean forever, and we will exchange a bad ESN phone at any point if a device was sold as clean.

Returns & Partial Refunds

We resolve disputes with either a full return/refund or a keep/partial-refund. We'll provide a free domestic return shipping label for devices you need to return, and we'll work with you on a reasonable partial refund amount for devices you're willing to keep.