Operations Technician

Fort Collins, CO | Part-Time

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Newaya started in a dormitory in 2010

Today we sell over 1,500 cellphones per month to customers in Colombia, Ukraine, Dubai, and across the USA

Newaya has grown substantially in the last 7 years from its start in a dormitory at CSU. We work with some of the largest cell phone companies, buying their used cellphones to test and sell to retailers around the world. Smaller businesses rely on Newaya for quality used phones.

Your job as an operations technicians is to test the functionality and condition of each device that comes through our office before we sell it. This testing is critically important - it ensures that the people who buy from us get what they expect. Your day-to-day responsibilities will be to receive incoming orders, test phones and tablets, manage inventory, and pick inventory for outgoing orders.

On your first day, you should have:

  • Prior experience in a fast-paced process environment - where it’s obvious when teammates are pulling their weight (or not)
  • Focus and self-motivation - We don't want someone who has to be constantly managed. If you only work well with a manager telling you what to do--DO NOT APPLY
  • Organization and task orientation - be able to create and manage your own to-do list
  • A Learner’s Resourcefulness - be excited to ask questions and research as you run into unknowns
  • A basic understanding of smartphones and tablets - know the difference between iOS and Android

It’s admired, but not required, if you have:

  • A tech savvy background - tinkering with hardware/software
  • An entrepreneurial spirit - have you sold your own product

We’re a small team (4 full time) working hard to build a great cellphone wholesale business. We get excited about new smartphone releases and what technology is in store for the world next. In the office we share ideas about how to make our process more efficient and then implement them in our software and the business daily.

Right now we process 1,500 used phones and tablets through our office each month. You’ll help us get to 3,000.

Hourly: $12/hr

Hours Available: (starting at 20hrs per week)

We put each employee on a three-month trial to see if you’re a good fit for us (and if we’re a good fit for you). These benefits kick-in if you stay on after the trial:

  • Annual Bonus: Target 5% of annual salary with multipliers for personal and company performance
  • Insurance: $0 deductible health care coverage, dental, vision, and life insurance. Newaya pays 75% and you pay 25% from your pre-tax salary.
  • Vacation: Flexible vacation/sick leave with a target of 2-3 weeks/yr.

Submit a resume with an attached cover letter.

We'll look at your resume, but we expect to learn who you really are through your cover letter

What do you like and what inspires you? What smartphone do you use and why?