Cellphone Technician

Fort Collins, CO | Flexible Part-Time

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Newaya started on Craigslist in a CSU dorm room in 2010

Today we process 15,000+ devices a year

  • This is not a huge corporation. You'll see the outcome of the work you do.
  • We like to have fun AND work our butts off. Think work hard play hard.
  • Our goal is to hire great people. Your peers will be sharp and motivated.

You're going to learn how we work after 5 years of startup mistakes. So when you start a business or join another company, you’ll have killer instinct on how to do proper accounting, how to market on a tight budget, and how to identify your customer and sell to them.

It's a rare thing in this world to work on a team with people who are excited about the mission of the company and the tasks at hand. We live for this stuff. It's going to be challenging, fun, and rewarding.

You’ll spend 6 hours per day:

  • Testing and Diagnosing: Checking devices into our inventory software.
  • Repairing Cellphones: Everything from fixing glass to motherboard soldering.
  • Logistics and inventory: Mailing cellphones all over da' globe.

Here's what we need from you:

  • Be ready to work hard.
  • Be passionate and audacious. Tell us when something can be done better and why. Then show us.
  • Know how to Google. Being able to research and problem-solve by yourself is critical.

You need to have at least taken an iPhone apart before. Maybe to fix the screen or just to see what's inside.

If your experience repairing smartphones is limited, we can teach you, but you need to be excited about it. Primarily we're looking for a good person. We've found that good people enjoy learning and can be taught anything - be like that, please ;-)

We start cellphone technicians at $12 an hour.

Each month we'll have one-on-one meetings to give you feedback (and to get yours).

After three months it should be clear if you're engaged and contributing. We'll decide from there about making your position more permanent.

Submit a resume with an attached cover letter.

We'll look at your resume, but we expect to learn who you really are through your cover letter

What do you like and what inspires you. What blogs do you read? What smartphone do you have?

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