Device Grading

Newaya uses A/B/C grading to describe device cosmetics, and Conditions describe functionality.

A Grade

Newaya’s A Grade devices have few to no visible scratches or scuffs​ on the frame or the glass. All port covers must be present.

B Grade

Newaya’s B Grade devices have light scuffs or scratches on the frame and/or the glass. Scratches on the glass are not visible when the screen is turned on. There are no cracks​ in the glass and there are no more than two dings/dents​ in the device’s frame.

C Grade

Newaya’s C Grade devices have scratching, scuffs, and dents on the frame and/or the glass. C Grade does not indicate cracked glass or other functional damages unless otherwise noted using Newaya's damaged conditions.


Cracked Glass (CG)

Device has a crack, chip, or nick in the front display glass.

No Boot (NB)

Device does not turn on after sitting plugged into a charger for several hours.


Device’s display has lines, dots, or blemishes so large that it will need replacement for normal use. Display may not show anything at all.

LCD Blemish Light (LCDBL)

Device’s display has a small blemish which takes a few moments to recognize when looking at a solid color screen. Typically a white dot or mark, but can also be discoloration, dead pixels, or slight color bleed.

LCD Blemish Heavy (LCDBH)

Device’s display has a blemish which is immediately recognizable when looking at a solid color screen. Discoloration(s), dead pixel(s), white spot(s), or color bleeding. May be a third-party display.

Screen Separation (SSP)

Device’s display is noticeably separating from housing. Separation is recognizable at first glance, or when pressing on the display. May be a third-party display.

Broken Battery (BBY)

Device may not boot up at all. May just show plug-into-charger symbol after being on charger for hours. May turn on but power down within 30-minutes of full charge. Battery may be physically puffy/expanding.

Third Party Frame (TPF)

Device’s housing is clearly not OEM. Was replaced using a third-party frame at some point, but not by Newaya.

Broken Camera Lens (BCL)

Device’s camera lens is cracked or missing.

Missing Display (MD)

Device’s display has been removed.

Encryption Locked (EL)

Android device is encryption locked, or iPhone is MDM (Enterprise) locked.

Outstanding Balance (FIN)

Device has unpaid bills on its original carrier, likely preventing it from being unlocked. Usability will depend on the carrier. AT&T and Verizon allow usage but prevent unlock. Sprint and T-Mobile appear to block usage when a device has an outstanding financial commitment on their network.

Software Issues (BS)

Device powers on, but boots to a restore icon or error state. Attempts to reset/restore firmware fail.

Bad Fingerprint Reader (BFP)

Fingerprint sensor is non-functional.

Broken Cellular (BC)

Device either does not recognize SIM card or is unable to connect and maintain signal with cellular network when an active SIM card is tested.

Google Account Lock (GAL)

[Android Only] Device is locked with a former user’s Google Account and requires sign-in to be functional. Also called Factory Reset Protection (FRP).

Samsung Account Lock (SAL)

[Android Only] Device is locked with a former user’s Samsung Account and requires sign-in to be functional.

Wrong Color Screen (WSC)

Device’s replacement screen does not match the color of the original housing.

Broken WiFi (BW)

Device’s WiFi connection is either completely non-functional or will not maintain a solid signal with a WiFi network.