Enterprise Bulk Trade-in

Switching networks or upgrading your fleet? Newaya's volume pricing and security focus makes enterprise asset recovery a no-brainer.


Reduce the cost burden of new equipment when you upgrade. Newaya accepts phones, tablets, and accessories in bulk.


Retire fleets of equipment responsibly with ease. Secure reports provide details on each device at every step for your records.

Detailed Reports

Newaya reports provide specific cosmetic and functional condition details on every device.

Unlike other vendors that use vague letter grading systems, we detail precisely why your devices are worth their quoted rate.

Enterprise-Grade Security


Packages are insured and tracked with trusted carriers.


Devices are erased using manufacturer and third-party software.

Serialized Tracking

Every device is tracked by its ESN on a unique asset tag.

Simple Trade-in Boosts Sales

"Newaya is amazing. Always quick to respond, process, and provide the competitive pay out. I use them above anyone else for my customers and my personal devices because I know I'll be taken care of."

Chris Boe, Business Development Manager

Building Relationships That Makes Sense

"We were able to fully subsidize the cost of new phones by selling our used iPhones to Newaya."

Mac McGoldrick, Operations Manager

Ready to sell your old equipment?